All about Dee Johnson

Although I've dabbled in arts and crafts before it wasn't until the late summer of 2006 I really became interested. I'd decided I wanted to be involved in creating as much of my own stuff as I could for my wedding in September, mostly due to financial reasons!
Dee Johnson making her handmade cards

I began by making my Order of Service cards and also table decorations, favours and wine charms for the reception as well as pew ends for the church. But it was really the 'Order of Service' and 'Thank You Cards' I'd enjoyed doing mostly and I so much wanted to prove to myself I could do 100% better.

It hasn't been easy finding time to fit cardmaking in, what with having a house to run, a husband and five children to look after as well as the two oldest girls away from home and always on the phone with their news.

I live in the centre of a lovely former fishing town on the East Coast of Scotland and am lucky enough to have access to a strong customer support, many of whom have helped and encouraged me to pursue my craft.

Although putting the cards together is fun I'm really in my element when I'm designing them, it's very satisfying creating something beautiful from inanimate objects but the real satisfaction comes from the pleasure of seeing the delight on a customers face when I hand their card over.

I hope you find something on the web site to suit your needs but if you don't you can always make a request via the order form and I'll try my best to accommodate.

Dee Johnson